Creating stronger brands and bigger impact for companies and public organisations since 1993.

Based in Stockholm
and Brussels. 

Always creating impact

Navigare’s been around for a while now. 27 years of creating impact and relevance for our clients – private companies as well as public organisations. Swedish as well as international. 

Working with small, owner driven companies, bransch organisations, the Swedish Government and several of its ministries and agencies as well as international giants.

Always with a healthy dosis of creativity and the capacity to understand our clients and our client’s clients.

27 years of constant innovation and change.
Very, very fun years indeed.

Always creating value

Today Navigare is a trusted partner in creating, and re-inventing, profitable long lasting brands that resonates and activates. 

A long experience of driving sales in digital as well as physical outlets gives Navigare the opportunity to be a compliant, inspiring and result-driven partner in our client’s marketing and business development.

Always creating energy

We all like brands we can relate to and we actively support them when they become vital parts of our lives and personas.  Engaging content is key in creating that bond and Navigare has successfully done just that in earned media, magazines, corporate publishing projects, blogs, vlogs and almost any channel you can think of.

Always creating energy in everyday cooperation as well. Because we love what we do and have fun in what we do.

Always creating results

Lately Navigare has been active in securing + 150 MSEK in funding for new, exciting and highly skilled companies – mainly greentech. Companies that are, or will be vital in the shift into a more sustainable lifestyle for us all. 

Navigare has also generated an increase in B2B donations to children’s rights by + 400 % – annually. That’s a lot of MSEK that makes a huge difference for children who live in some of this world’s most challenging environments.

branding + design

Getting to know a business and its universe in search of that great, creative positioning is one of the most fulfilling processes EVER.  We create long lasting results and we are happy that so many of the brands we’ve been working with are thriving after more than 20 years.


Today’s markets rely on e-commerce solutions driving sales as well as creating bonds with customers and partners. We create e-commerce solutions using Woocommerce and WordPress – connecting them to our clients CRM-systems to generate a 360 solution.

investor relations

Navigare has +30 years experience of producing Business Reports that creates trust and generate funding for IPO’s as well as more experienced companies.

content creation

We create interest and trust in our clients businesses through publishing creative content in news-letters, on websites and by generating impact in social- and earned media.

Some of our dear clients

Our office in Sweden:

Dolomitgränd 10
SE-16860 Bromma

Our office in Brussels:

Avenue Bruggman 41
1040 St Giles, Bruxelles

Creativity and good vibes has no limit. Take a look at our other company – URBANERO